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A Big Four Australian bank wanted to produce a multimedia content campaign that would tightly integrate the thought leadership efforts of multiple business units.


New Narrative worked closely with the bank’s marketing and communications teams and its subject matter experts in multiple jurisdictions to produce content in a range of formats. N/N sought to identify and tie together the common focus areas of the bank’s various businesses to provide a sense of cohesion to their individual thought leadership efforts.


The engagement, which included two discrete article series, a white paper, and coverage of a flagship event that was held virtually, helped showcase to an audience of senior industry professionals the client’s expertise on the key fiscal issues of our times, such as the tightening of regulations, the growing focus on sustainable finance, and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

What we did

N/N took a multi-pronged approach to address the bank’s needs, starting with the creation of a content calendar for one team. The calendar, which was designed to provide a strong framework to guide a months-long article series while being flexible enough to respond to a dynamic business environment, served as an effective point of reference for the ongoing campaign.

N/N also undertook the writing of a 20-plus-page white paper on the future of supply chain finance. Beginning with conceptualising the report’s outline, the N/N editorial team drew on its journalistic expertise and in-depth knowledge of global business and finance to interview over a dozen experts from the bank and produce a deeply researched, data-driven report that examines the current state of the global supply chain and its financial networks, and considers the path to a crisis-proof future.

Simultaneously, N/N provided content support for an annual event aimed at treasury professionals by producing a promotional infographic and video; curtain-raiser articles showcasing the event’s main themes; and, provided comprehensive coverage of the various panel discussions and keynote addresses to create a highlights video capturing the essence of the two-day virtual conference.

Additionally, N/N produced a series of articles - for yet another division of the bank - concisely framing key issues facing global banks and corporations, such as regulatory reforms involving capital adequacy requirements, the growth of digital payments, and ESG considerations governing business operations around the world.

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