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An international consulting firm, which specialises in building global teams (Global Capability Centres -- GCCs) for multinationals in India and Eastern Europe, aimed to overhaul its visual identity and refine its thought leadership voice as it seeks to expand its business with the world’s largest companies.


In partnership with a leading Australian design firm, N/N conducted an extensive, data-driven consulting exercise that included interviews with the company’s senior leadership, as well as its co-founder and CEO, which defined the firm’s voice and commercial value proposition in 2022 and beyond.

Following the consulting engagement, N/N and its partner design firm crafted an entirely new corporate website, redesigned the client’s logo, and developed agenda-setting thought leadership for the new site, highlighting the client’s expertise in its industry.


A brand new website and logo that reflects the client’s unique approach and leading position in its industry, coupled with a portfolio of new thought leadership content that raised the client’s profile – empowering the firm to win new business from its discerning client base.

What we did:

Throughout 2021, we collaborated closely with the client’s marketing leaders – as well as its co-founder and CEO – to re-shape and re-define the firm’s unique voice, helping it stand out among its peers.

During the engagement, N/N applied its deep understanding of GCC trends, data-driven research skills, and SEO insights, to inform extensive interviews and workshops with the company’s leadership. These workshops produced a revised commercial value proposition, which served as a roadmap for the new website, logo, and thought leadership content that followed.

After the workshops, we devised a year-long production and delivery plan for each section of the new website; while simultaneously conceiving and drafting agenda-setting thought leadership articles, ensuring final drafts reflected the company’s vision for 2022 and beyond.

N/N’s thought leadership expertise and consultative approach, coupled with the design skills of its partner firm, delivered a brand overhaul that will assist with the client’s business growth – and its appeal to professional investors – for years to come.

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