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A cryptocurrency exchange wanted to position itself as an authoritative voice in the crypto community by producing regular thought leadership that addresses the needs of both crypto natives and the growing cohort of institutional and retail investors, and regulators, that are seeking to understand the space.


Creating a bold set of predictions for the crypto market at the start of the year based on in-depth interviews with the exchange’s subject matter experts and extensive desk research, which were designed to spark conversations about the industry and gain media coverage.


The report gained international coverage in both mainstream and specialist media.

What we did:

The crypto market is undergoing a transition as major exchanges and platforms look to meet the demands of growing institutional and retail interest while staying true to the decentralisation ethos that is a core tenet of the industry.

This change is driving a new approach to marketing, with the bigger players placing a greater emphasis on thought leadership.

Against this backdrop, a major cryptocurrency exchange approached New Narrative to help devise thought leadership content that would drive meaningful conversations within the crypto community and deliver broad media coverage.

Wanting to create a piece of content that would provide maximum impact, we worked with the client to originate a bold set of predictions for the crypto market that would be presented in a white paper and illustrated by infographics.

Based on discussions with the exchange’s senior leadership and product experts, and extensive desk research, N/N crafted a set of predictions that encompassed a broad range of industry issues, from the fate of competitor protocols, the changing dynamic between DeFi and TradFi, and the need for greater diversification among investors and participants.

On launch, the whitepaper’s predictions were reported by mainstream and specialist publications.

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