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The challenge

For its flagship global conference, a financial services company wanted to create content that moved away from reportage and instead took a thematic approach that would extend the life of the event.

The solution

We partnered with the company to devise a new content strategy and create a diverse collection of written, visual and social media deliverables.

The outcome

The company reported increased engagement across its various social media and distribution channels, and has since engaged us for this and other annual events.

What we did

The live-event content needed to showcase the event’s line-up of influential speakers — from disciplines that spanned finance, politics, technology and the arts — and the unique insights they shared during the event.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, we worked with the company’s events, communication and multimedia teams to develop a strategic content plan for before, during and after the conference. The plan included creating a trenchant article to create buzz around key conference themes, distributed in pre-event e-mail newsletters to attendees.

During the week of the four-day event, our team participated in the daily editorial/content briefings. To provide timely coverage of the event, we carried out live tweeting from up to six conference sessions per day. That live reporting then informed the creation of a series of topical articles based on insights from conference sessions, each of which reinforced the overall theme of the event.

For the video production, we devised questions and conducted on-camera interviews with conference speakers for a series of Q&A videos; we also selected highlights and provided editorial guidance for production of a daily summary video.

By devising a multi-platform content strategy that took a thematic and topical approach to content, rather than “he-said, she-said” reportage, the financial services company was able to reassert its position as a thought leader and compile a library of material that retained relevance and impact long after the event had ended.

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