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A global education company wanted to showcase its innovative work with different stakeholders, from high school and college-level students and teachers to government officials and policymakers, in key Southeast Asian markets.


Producing a monthly podcast series underpinned by new branding, precise messaging and compelling guest speakers to highlight the scope and evolution of the company’s services in the region.


Our client was able to creatively demonstrate its expertise through ‘fireside chats’ with in-house specialists and a vast network of partners. This allowed the company’s Asia Pacific division to raise the profile of its flagship products and solutions beyond what could be achieved through traditional marketing material.


Motivated by the growth potential of Southeast Asia but unsure about how to formulate a content marketing plan, the company first hired New Narrative as a consultant to develop an effective strategy.

Through our extensive research and audit of industry peers, we proposed a six-month content calendar, which included custom-made podcasts, to better promote the educator’s on-the-ground resources in Thailand and Vietnam. Consequently, New Narrative was brought on board to develop and produce the podcast series.

Since podcasting was an uncharted medium for the client, our team delivered a full suite of pre-production, recording and editing services. We suggested music tracks and script templates to give the series a distinct voice, and also finalised talking points and moderated the interviews while maintaining strong production values.

As a result of this collaboration, our client successfully attracted listeners from its target audiences while illustrating its commitment to nurturing language programmes and vocational skills in Southeast Asia.

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