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The challenge

A global investment bank wanted to create a video series that featured its executives as well as senior managers drawn from its Asian blue-chip corporate clients discussing how to overcome the region’s main transaction banking challenges.

The solution

Interviews with the bank’s subject matter experts and clients were combined with independent research to identify key themes and talking points for the videos.

The outcome

We created scripts and storyboards that served as the basis for the thought leadership video campaign.

What we did

The scripts needed to distil technical and detailed discussions into clear, concise and informative messages that would work well in visual media, providing a platform for the bank to share its treasury services expertise and solutions.

In the first instance, we interviewed the bank’s subject matter experts (SMEs) on the relevant treasury topics, providing them with talking points that would form the basis of subsequent discussions with clients. We were then trusted to interview senior managers from the bank’s corporate clients to uncover further insights.

The information from these discussions was used as the basis for scripts that incorporated key messages from the SMEs and clients, and reflected the tone and approach of the interviewees. We also researched and incorporated relevant data to provide quantitative support to the key themes.

Once the scripts had received approval, we worked with the bank’s video production team to ensure they met the requirements for filming.

By choosing us for this project, the bank knew the time spent with time-poor SMEs and demanding clients would be fully used to get the required insights on the first attempt, and that we would generate informative and credible videos that met its strategic and marketing goals.

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