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A major global investment manager wanted to develop an agenda-setting tone of voice and differentiate their content from their competitors in four key markets, while also obtaining strategic recommendations on how to distribute and advertise their content online for maximum reach and discoverability.


N/N conducted a quantitative performance analysis of the client’s – and its top competitors’ – insurance-focused content; as well as its online distribution and advertising strategies, channels, and publishing tactics.


The client developed an understanding of how its insurance-focused content, themes, distribution and advertising strategies ranked against its competitors; and also received a set of recommendations on how to better promote content and connect with a target audience of senior insurance executives.

What we did:

Using N/N’s editorial acumen and data analysis tools, we began by identifying the relevant online channels and platforms for the data gathering process to begin.

Once cleaned and audited, we analysed the data and developed a cross-channel landscape overview, identifying publishing frequencies and channel usage rates for the client and a select group of its competitors.

Our evaluation of the engagement rates enabled us to then draw observations on which channels, formats, and topics generated the highest engagement rates – and why.

We based this analysis on a defined set of themes and sub-themes mentioned frequently on social media, and then drew comparisons across the publishing landscape. We also tracked the performance of a predefined basket of our client’s content assets to uncover any earned media coverage in the form of backlinks and social shares.

The final piece of our analysis captured the different online advertising strategies employed by each competitor, revealing their targeted markets, key publishers, and promoted content and landing pages.

At the end of the engagement, we delivered a series of recommendations based on evidence and insights garnered from our analysis, providing our client with social media suggestions including new channel recommendations, content optimisation tactics, and a refinement of their online advertising strategy.

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