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The challenge

Australian bank Westpac wanted to use its 200th anniversary event in Singapore to inject energy into the regional dialogue on sustainability issues for business.

The solution

A 360-degree content marketing campaign that blended text, graphics and video and appeared in a mix of owned, paid and earned media.

The outcome

Video packages, articles and multimedia pieces that covered a range of sustainability topics, and that enhanced and expanded the event’s impact.

What we did

We began by interviewing a senior executive to craft a pertinent opinion piece that appeared in leading business media in the run-up to the event, building anticipation.

At the event, we assembled and guided a multimedia production team to rapidly produce a series of video packages that blended highlights from the day with soundbites from in-depth, on-camera interviews with thought leaders in attendance.

We then produced a series of post-event summary articles on topics ranging from green bonds to the sustainability applications of the blockchain.

By staggering the publication of event content, Westpac ensured that the ideas generated across its panels and networking sessions continued to travel, inspire and serve as a basis for action.

Please click here for an example of content from the event.

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