Investment in quality content will pay dividends – as long as you know where to direct your spending.

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Using our suite of data tools and proprietary analysis, our research demonstrates exactly how and where your marketing expenditure will have maximum impact – enabling you to invest with confidence.

Advisory you can act on

We leverage in-house and licensed technology platforms, industry expertise and analytical acumen to ensure your marketing decisions are driven by data-based insights tailored to your business and industry, and – most importantly – to your audience.

Whether it’s SEO optimisation, measuring share of voice on a given topic, advertising impact or benchmarking how you compare with competitors, we apply sophisticated tools and industry knowledge to ensure your content and communications maximise ROI.

We excel at:

  • Content analytics - custom made dashboards, measuring content performance and success against your KPIs
  • SEO research - understanding market demand, uncovering new competitors and optimising your content for greater reach and organic discovery
  • Advertising research - helping you identify how and where to promote your content for maximum impact

Find out more about our SPECS & CARDIO methodology, and our iN/Ntelligence platform.

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